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Welcome to Alena Pat website, where the art of  Permanent makeup  is brought to life in Orange County, California. Alena is a Artist of permanent makeup, specializing in creating stunning  PMU Powder brows, PMU Ombre brows and PMU Lip Blush (Permanent Makeup Dark Lip Neutralization) using only the highest quality products and techniques. 

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Hello, is I’m Alena Pat permanent makeup artist in Orange County, СА . I create permanent make-up tattoo mixes. Today I am glad to present you my favorite Tattoo  Permanent makeup Lips color. At my procedure, you can get a lip color close in tone - Dior Addict Lip Tint 421 Natural Tea. If you are tired of applying make-up every day. Come to me for permanent lip makeup for natural beauty.

Hello, I'm Permanent Makeup Dark Lip Neutralizing  Artist - Alena Pat, based in Orange County, California. 

I work with pigmented dark lips.

The photo shows an example of dark pigmented lips, which are more common in American Indians and African Americans. These individuals may have a darker skin tone on their lips, which can make it difficult to choose the right palette of pigments to achieve the desired shade. It is important to always have a clear understanding of what the client expects from the procedure, ideally with photos as a reference, although it is important to remember that it is not always possible to achieve an exact result due to individual variations in lip shape and skin type.

A rough plan of action should be outlined, and it is important to warn the client that Permanent makeup on very dark lips must be done in stages and given enough time to heal. It is recommended to wait at least 10-12 weeks between treatments to allow for proper healing and to achieve a more natural result.

The process of Permanent makeup for dark lips begins with neutralizing the dark shade in the lips. A special high-quality orange corrector that is suitable for the client's skin type is selected. During the procedure, sensitivity is taken into consideration, and the number of passes with the neutralizer depends on the client's level of sensitivity. It is important to note that the final light result cannot be achieved in the first procedure, and patience is required to achieve the desired result.

After at least 10 to 12  weeks 

(12 - colour will look even better), the client should return for a paid re-correction for the second stage of neutralization. The first healed procedure will provide valuable insight into how the client's skin reacts to permanent makeup. It is important to keep in mind that every client's lips heal differently, and it depends on the initial lip color, skin type (dry, normal, oily), the client's age, climate, and other factors.

2 to 4 sessions might be required depending how Light / Warm / Pink (Red) she wishes to get to. 

Important to understand in Permanent Lip Makeup: On very dark lips, neutralization may take several touch-up sessions to lighten the lips before I can apply the target color. Miracles do not happen in one procedure on such naturally dark lips. Be prepared to come back every 2-3 months. And then we can get a natural beautiful lip shade.