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Choise your Skin tone

Calling all makeup lovers! My name is Alena Pat and I am a permanent makeup artist based in beautiful Orange County, California. In this article, I would like to share information about the differences between skin types and learn about the specifics of European-style long-wear makeup that I offer in my studio.

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Hello, is I’m Alena Pat permanent makeup artist in Orange County, СА .

 I create permanent makeup lip colors tattoo mixes. Today I am glad to present you my favorite Tattoo tones for permanent make-up. At my procedure, you can get a lip color close in tone -

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Skin types and their differences:

As a permanent makeup master, I am aware that each person applies a skin type. It is important to understand that differences in skin types depend on the choice of pigments and the set of products for applying long-lasting makeup. From dry and oily to combination and natural skin, each type has its own characteristics and requires an individual approach.

Long Lasting Makeup and Skin Feel Features:

When doing long-wear makeup, I pay special attention to the skin tone of my clients. In European culture, leather is often found with a delicate texture and a neutral undertone that can be light or medium. With this in mind, I usually usually find pigments that provide a natural and harmonious result on the skin.

European Permanent Makeup Studio in Orange County:

My permanent make-up studio in Orange County specializes in working with clients of the European skin type. I recommend, during which I carefully analyze the skin tone of each client and take into account the features. This allows me to select the most suitable pigments and set of preparations to achieve optimal results and create a natural look that enhances the beauty of each client.

European permanent makeup studio сonclusion:

Permanent makeup is an amazing solution to enhance your beauty and achieve long-lasting results. If you are in Orange County, California and are looking for a professional permanent makeup artist specializing in European skin types, I invite you to visit my studio. With an individual approach and the use of high quality pigments, I guarantee you a natural and beautiful result that will delight you for a long time.